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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It is official-- I have hit the "OLD" category !!
I now have no line bifocals
and also have a problem with tone deafness.

I don't know if to many concert had anything
to do with the hearing loss- or if I am
just getting OLD !!!
Who knew that standing next to the stage to
get a better view and be part of the music
would catch up with you 25 years later.

Now that I have my granny glasses,
I have discovered the reason I don't go
thru as many disposable razors as
I used to. I used to have to shave
my legs every week--


I was not running around with Sasquatch legs-
I just never had much hair on my legs or arms..
I never shaved my legs above the
knees- Never needed to.

Well with the new glasses, I know why I am
not shaving my legs as much.
That way I have more time to dedicate to
the grooming of the catfish whiskers
that I have developed..
Yes- 3 hairs
at the corners of my mouth- YES,both sides.
Like a female fu-manchu


It seems that my body hair is moving north.
I also have discovered three long hairs on the
back of my left leg-- Only my left leg
If I would gel them , I could line them up and
call it a seam in my orthopedic stockings.
* * * * *
How can this be happening to the woman that
could party all night - drink with the big boys
and still go to Great America the next morning
and ride all of the roller coasters while consuming
"the breakfast of champions" that had been
ever so carefully poured into silly little juice bottles..
* * * * * * *
Golden years my ass...


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