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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Warm weather

It's official - warm weather is here.
I mowed the front yard today and "tried" to
trim some of the bushes..
I think that will be a
Tom job.
Okay, let's discuss the diet,
as I sit here drinking yet another "shake" .
No not a milk shake-- still no dairy products.
Last week when I went to Fat School-
they always ask-- did you cheat.
Hello- I was in Texas - great Mexican food
Hell yes, I cheated. and still managed to lose
1.9#. Then One of the doctors asked if I have
tried his recipe in the food supplement
recipe book.
I asked him- Was yours the eraser, the sponge
or the slime.
He did not respond.
These damn people have no sense of humor.
My talents are truly wasted here.......
The good news is -- I tried on a pair of pants that
I wore 3 years ago, and they FIT !!
I have actually thrown away 3 "bigger"
t-shirts, because I am not going to need that
size ever again. I need to lose another
1# 8 oz and then I am going to go have
my hair cut and highlighted..
A treat for hitting the 25# weight loss.
After the next 25# it will be
new clothes, because by then I will need them.
Tom is having knee surgery Tuesday morning.
I will keep you posted on his progress.
We are hoping to go to Texas for a while ,
before he starts physical therapy.
Yes, we both need a Jack fix..


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