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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Middle of August ......

August 17,2005
The trip home from Chicago was uneventful
Why are you still reading -- didn't I say it was uneventful???
You are not going to let me off that easy are you......

Arrived Chicago Friday night-- earlier that morning we dropped the fur babies off at puppy spa. We don't tell them it is a boarding kennel-- wouldn't want to ruin the time away from
home for them .
Get to Jenny's house-- and she's not home -hmmm
so we go to Korey & Paula's - our home away from home, and they have dinner waiting for us.. YUM pork chops and other goodies. Then Serena calls and she is at ORD. By this time Jenny and the kids have showed up at Korey's- so she offers to go get Serena. She did not realize that Serena cannot pass a PORTILLOS without stopping. So an hour later we get a phone call wanting to know what we want from Portillos.. Of course we cannot refuse....
So we eat AGAIN-- the feeding frenzy has started ...


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