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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Emotional Waves

What an odd day this has been,
It just feels like something is off center again.
I cannot put my finger on it or give it a voice ,
but I know that something is not right.
Before I forget Happy Birthday Hope,
I wish wish you many many more .
I feel like my soul is being shaken today,
is it to make me slow down ,
or to make me move faster to catch or
stop something. These days cause me
a lot of unease. I do not know which way to
turn and I do not know why.. I know that somebody
needs me to see them because they are sending all of this
strange and chaotic energy to me . Who is
needing me and why-- I wish they would just
put it in front of me . I cannot help if I
cannot touch the problem.
Who are you and why are you hiding -- come forward
Do not put this stress on me , we all know I do
best when things are laid in front of me 
 or screamed at me .
I am not a mind reader -- well maybe I am , but I
must not be a very good one because I am
confused today. I know the full moon is approaching ,
but I do not think that is why I am having these
emotional waves. This feel different.


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