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Monday, April 10, 2006

Now for the drama......

After a day of fun riding we go back to Jerry & Cheryl's for a little lunch and to relax a little before loading the 4 wheelers and heading home .. Jerry fires up the grill and the girls (me & Chryl) head for the house .. Not to interested in "GUY TALK"

I notice a little rain coming down and am glad we are back at the house and not out on the trail.
The rain gets a little stronger and the wind picks up -- no big deal.
Then I asked Chryl if she heard the "ping ping"??
The rain then begins to look a little "thick", but the hail is
soft and pea sized. No big deal.
The guys were still outside.
The rain gets harder and the wind gets ugly and the hail gets bigger.
Now it is the size of golf balls and very hard.
They guys move out of the garage because when the hail would hit the garage floor it would shatter like a Corel plate on a tile floor.
The guys move to the covered porch, beers in hand and there they stand.
That does not last long-- they move inside with us
I am a little worried , Fluffy is outside and I am afraid to
see what has happened to her .
(For the uneducated- Fluffy is my truck)
Now the rain is heavy, the wind is howling and the hail is now the size of freakin' tennis balls!!!!
This storm has lasted forever
( really about 25 min from beginning to end)
When the storm is over - we are all in awe !!
Awww damn-
look what it did to my truck, shop windows, 4 wheeler truck,
 take your pick.
I am waiting for Chryl to send the pictures she took. My camera
was dead by the time this was over, so these pictures were taken
after we got back home.
The ride home was a real comedy..
Water leaking in the top and we felt like we were riding
in a"good & plenty" box
"Rattle rattle shift slide shift rattle rattle"
Anybody remember the Good & Plenty jingle??


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