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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rainy Day Draining event

Tom is doing good today except for the
drain which needs to be removed.
I could remove it it need be - but knowing
how painful it is , I really did not want to be
the one to do it. He called Chief McCall and
the Chief said it would be no problem . Since
Tom wanted the drain removed NOW- he asked if
he could come to Central, and again the
Chief said " no problem."
Tom got dressed and I drove him down there-- Yes,
he had a pain killer before we left the house.
When we get to Central, we are directed to the
conference room , only to be greeted by
the Chief, Mark W., Alan T., Billy S.,
Kevin B. and Cindy.(She left the room
before the procedure began)OMG-- I forgot
that Roger was there also ..
The conference table was draped for surgery ,
The Patient
The Procedure begins
and continues
FINALLY - the drain is OUT!!
What a relief !!!
I just want to thank all that were involved !!
It was good for Tom(and me ) to know
that the Fire Department is there for him.
Comic relief is ALWAYS welcome !!!
Special thanks to Kevin for making
the trip to bring Tom the "cooler"
It is working GREAT !!!


We are really lucky to be involved with a

great bunch of people , no matter

how bizarre they are on some days ..

((only kidding ))


Thanks AGAIN !!!!


Linda & Tom Cross


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are so glad Tom is well.
We were wondering how a man can wear out a knee carrying 1 shop towel and 1 screw driver around all day.
Maybe it is the load he has at home.
Probably not because we know he adores his bride of all these many years. (Many many years they are old)
Tom is a an asset to this department and we appreciate him.
We will always give him prompt service for his needs, even if we have to schedule work on the trucks a couple weeks out.
Tell him to rest and not worry Kevin is carrying on in his stead and doing as Tom would do. He hasn't done crap all day.
Warford, Cindy, Chief Rog and all the guys.

3/14/2007 1:56 PM  

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