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Friday, January 18, 2008

I am spending the next couple of days with foot propped up
and iced down.. When I dropped the can of dog food on it ,
I thought maybe I broke one of the small bones in the top
of the foot.. Then I dropped an ice pack (chunk) out of
the freezer onto the same foot -- ($&!^$*!*^
Foot is swollen and very very sore.
I can't get shoes on right now..
I don't imagine that doing the Make A Wish-
shop til you Drop on Wednesday did it much good either.
But there is no way I was going to miss the shopping spree
with my first Make a Wish Kid. He had a great time
and got so many things that HE WANTED. He was
smiling all day, but I think the biggest smile was when
the big black limo pulled up in front of the
restaurant to take him shopping.
Thursday I got the injection in the knee and while I was there -
they x-rayed the foot - that is how I know it is NOT broken.
BUt I did some nerve damage.
So here I am walking around with one shoe on
and using that damned cane again. Next Thursday
I go back for the 2nd injection in the knee.

Golden Years my Ass


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