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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


That's right -- this is going to be a rant...
As we all know , I have been battling
my weight since1996.
( Until then I never weighed over 140# )
And we all know I have been on several
meds since then also.
Well I have been researching the meds I have
been on since 1999( yes , since we moved to AR)
only to find out the the freaking doctors
don't give you all of the facts when they prescribe
certain meds. Before you say I should have
read the info from the pharmacy---I did read it
and it does not say shit about "possible" weight gain.
I am REALLY pissed at UAMS and their miracle
weight loss program-- they knew exactly
what meds on was on and what dosages, yet they NEVER
told me that the medicine I was on was a BIG part
of my weight problem. WTF !!!!! Greedy Bastards.
As I have always said- Doctors think they are Gods.
and they are not. They don't care about people.
They care about trips to the bank and perks
from the drug companies.
I am going back to the old ways , accupuncture,
homeopathic meds, massage and herbs.
I have been beating myself up and not
liking myself for soooo long ,
well no more- that phase is O V E R .
I will start weaning myself off of the "BAD" medicine,
so bear with me while I go thru the Bionic Bitch stage .


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