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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

U asked for it

Here we going with another annoying thing about this area..
We all know that from time to time we get requests for friends
whose children or grandchildren have a school geography
project that requires us to send postcards of the state we live in.
* * * *
I do not mind doing this, I think it is a great project for kids,
BUT and this is a BIG BUT--
(no you perv- not that kind of butt)
Today I went to the stores- yes plural, trying to find
picture postcards.
* * * *
I went to 3 Wally Worlds, 2 Walgreens, a Dollar store,
Kroger and 3 gas stations..
Not one freaking picture post card .
W T F !!!
* * * *
So when Tom came home we went to a truck
stop out past the Maybelline Plant.
I walk up to a very crowded counter and ask
"do you sell postcards" and the cashier gave
me a dazed and confused look.
I must have looked like I was about to kill something,
because he says ,
Yes M'aam we do,
I know we stocked them yesterday ,
but I cannot remember where they are .
Needless to say , I found them and I bought 10 of them to keep on
hand for when the next school project that requires a post card.
* * * *
Now for the Real kicker,
Yesterday , I called a new beauty shop because they had a grand
openingspecial ,
pay for one hair cut get the second one free.
We both need haircut.
So I called and asked how much to put low lights in my hair?
She informs me that she can do it for approx. $25.
Great !!! how long does it normally take to get this done?
(each hairdresser always need to do it in their own time- No Problem)
* * *
She tells me
I am quick at pulling the hair thru the cap.
! ! ! !
Whooooa - wait a min. Did you say
"pull it thru a cap"???
. . . .
I told her I have had scalp issues and cannot have my hair
pulled through a rubber cap with a steel crochet hook.
She then tells me , well I can foil it ,
but it will
cost $3.50 per foil
WTF-- who charges by the foil??
. . . . .
I ask- "do you do a heavy weave or light weaving"?
(meaning taking the rat tail comb and separating
the hair in a weaving fashion- so the color look
more natural)
She had NO IDEA what I was talking about ..
So that means when she is "foiling" my hair
she was going to be "CHUNKING" my hair.
WTF-- Nobody has done that since the '80s.
* * * *
Needless to say , I am still looking for a hair dresser that
can cut straight hair with precision and one that can also
color my hair and not charge by the foil.
* * * * *
And how has your week been so far???


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