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Thursday, June 16, 2011

May / June 2011

Yes, it has been awhile since I have added anything to the blog.
* * * *
Where to begin???
How about the fact that I had surgery on
both feet on May 4th and I am still trying to get over that ??
Being completely off of my feet for 3 weeks was
a major pain in the ass.
* * * * *
My BFF Teresa's husband Marty died on May 5th .
He always has to one - up me
Some things never change.
She is doing okay considering that they had a 40+ year
history and for the past 2 she has been a full time care giver to him
He was in so much pain,that it was really time
for him to pass.
Nobody deserves to be in that much pain
for any reason.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Jack graduated from Pre- School and will
be going to kindergarten in Sept.
He will be in school all day. Serena will not
know what to do with so much extra time ..
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Time for me to begin foraging for
the evening meal, and must
also finish sculpting the Trevi Fountain in the dust
that has acumulated in the house.


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