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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

April 23 - Spring Hill Florida

So I got online and booked a campground in Spring Hill Florida
We were VERY late arriving since earlier that morning I ended up in
URGENT CARE because I thought my leg was broken.
Yes, the leg that has the knee replacement .
Sunday night after having dinner with a friend of Toms, we
went back to the camper for a good nights sleep
 before heading out to Florida.
Let me give you a little info before I continue.
We put an air mattress on the bed in the camper and it makes
the bed quite tall.  Tom was going to help me get in bed and
something SNAPPED ( no not me ) .
I was in excruciating pain!!
I did not get much sleep that night and neither did Tom.
Next morning he located an urgent care office and off we go.
See a Doctor, get multiple ( painful) X-rays and then wait for an ortho
specialist to read them. 
NOTHING BROKEN thankfully. Knee is OK.
Knee hyper extension - stay off of it , ice it ,you know the routine.
Now do we go home or continue our trip??
I voted for going to Florida,
We go back to the campground , Tom had to ready the
camper for travel while I sat in the truck with an
ice pack on my knee.
Had to stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way out of town
for morning medicine ...
Since we did not know exactly where
13063 County Line Road
Spring Hill,Florida
was, we put the address into "Helga", our GPS.
O M G -- she routed us through the ghetto
She really has a mean streak!!!
We finally arrive at
Topics RV park, Pitch black, not lights to speak
of and we just parked and went to sleep.
When we woke up in the morning , This is what we saw!!
A cement plant.
What a lovely view for a campground!!
Major road  right behind the camper and lots of noise.
Oh Hell No !!
So we pull the camper to the office and have to wait for them to open.
Tom goes in and talks to them, because he thinks that
I would not be so nice to them
 In pain, lots of pain killers and pissed off because
 our view is of cement trucks ??W T F  !!
They move us to the center of the RV park and it
is a really nice location.
Showers are very clean , pool is great.
This may be a good day after all .
BTW -I am feeling MUCH better
since I sat for many hours with
ice pack on , take a pill, ice pack off , take a pill.
* * * * *
BUT after driving around Spring Hill Florida ,we have
decided that this is NOT where we want to live.
More later


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