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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Walking down memory lane.

(Thanks to Bob for catching the typo)
This will take a while because I have to try to put them in order..
Doing ironing for neighbors
Cashier at the Wallace Movie Theater ( age12)
Milkshake maker at a local ice cream stand
Babysitter- again
Day camp counselor
Sales clerk at Dressels Bakery-- YUM
Production Line worker at Bridgeport bakery - YUK
Waitress- fast money
Cocktail waitress
File Clerk- boring
Switchboard operator- yes, for Ma Bell
Bank Teller-picky picky picky- no nail polish - no big hair - no mini skirts
Receptionist at Bette Pauls Careers for Women
Receptionist /Jr. Secy for XXth Century
Desk Clerk at a motel- aaarrrgghhh
Receptionist - Pitney Bowes- d u l l
Elevator Operator for Goldblatts downtown Chicago- wheeeeeee
Now remember a lot of these were thru a temporary agency
and lasted from one day to one month
Go Go Dancer- yes on a stage - in a cage
Receptionist - Merrill Lynch
Order Picker at Gossard Artemis
Accounting Clerk - Sears @Sears Tower
Inventory Clerk-- KILL me - but never make me do this again !!!
Catering (set up , serving - whatever)for different catering companies
Bartender- over and over again
Security for various public events
Food & Beverage Manager at a country club
Waitress again & again
Receptionist and optometric assistant
Restaurant Management- again & again
Payroll clerk for a carpeting company
Mail Room Clerk for Tri State G & T
Sold AVON and Pleasure Chest and even Mary Kay for a short time
Admin. Assistant for a Trucking Company
Owner of a clothing consignment shop
Cruise Consultant
Cashier at the Little Rock Zoo
I'm not doing to good at keeping them in order--
to many repeat jobs-- and yes some of them I worked at 3- 4- 5 times...
Who the hell knows why they kept taking me back???.
I'll work on this again later


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