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Friday, November 18, 2005

Shame on his family

It looks like our house will be a little more crowded
Since nobody from Bevo's family or
any of his co-workers will step up and take his
2 dogs - Tom and I have talked it over and
we cannot let these fur babies go to the pound.
These were his babies and they deserve better.
They should not be punished because their
"boss" died.
It will be a strain on our yard and on our
checkbook- (we will have to pay to board 4 dogs when we
go to Florida for the birth of our Grandson)
but these fur babies deserve better
than death .
We will go meet them soon and if they are not aggressive,
and can bond- we will take them in.
Shame on this mans family for not having
the heart to take something that he loved so much.
I will let you know what happens after the meeting...


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