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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas..2006

Cindy Y,
Here is the photo that you
requested from the River Boat
dinner cruise ..
(Yes, that is me )
Well it is ALMOST Christmas.

As usual , life is hectic and I feel

like I am always about a week behind in what I should be

doing.In the past week I have talked to many family members

and friends and I wish that we were all closer in miles so we

could share the holidays,but since that is impossible, I will be

thankful for phone calls

and holiday letters.
I did not take any photos at the Fire Department Pot Luck
or J. Tucker's party..
Maybe something are better left to
the imagination.
I will be posting pictures on Christmas Day,
so be prepared..
Until then,
Stay safe
Merry Christmas
to all !!!


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