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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Arkansas State Fair

Today was a BIG day for me ..
My Daddy was home and my Grandpa took a day off work
and we all went to the State Fair.
Daddy & Grandpa were eating and eating
something called corndogs..
So when Mom and Dad went on a ride without me ,
Grandma fed me corndog and I liked it a bunch!!
You know what, I saw a lot of animals I never ever
saw before and I even got to pet them !!
Some of them were pretty and others were
pretty stinky!!!

You know what-- hey listen to me -- you know what ???

I rode on my 1st ever carnival ride. Me and Dad & Mom

rode the ferris wheel. It went way up in the air and I was not scared.

Mom got scared because there were buzzing bees up at the top.

She is such a girl !!


Waaahoooo , look at me !!!!


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