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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Home From Daytona Beach

Grandma & Grandpa are home
from Daytona Beach, Florida
I don't know why they told me about Florida,
They got me a cool baseball cap just like
Daddy & Grandpa wear..
Now I AM one of the "Big Guys !!!
Grandpa was talking about what a rough week it was.
They had to go all the way to the 15th floor
and he said they had to listen to the ocean
day & night.

Here is a picture that Grandma took from

the room they slept in.

Here are a couple more
that Grandma took.

The clock tower was right in front of the hotel.

Grandma was not complaining.

She is ready to go back if I will

go with her .


The weather was great the day we arrived90 and sunny. So we walked on the beach and just acted like tourists.

While Tom was in classes I did some wandering around.

Went to the outlet mall in St. Augustine

found nothing that thrilled me ,so

I was off in search of a bead shop.

Found that - once again disappointment. Oh well, back

to the hotel to get my book and then down to the beach.

Had some really windy days , but I love the sounds and

smell of the ocean, so I ignored them and and did a bunch of

people watching or reading. Water was a little to cold for me.

Dining in the Dayton Beach Area

We of course tried Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

I don't think we will do that again. The food

was so so- prices were high.


We also went to a place called Barnacles;

Excellent salad bar- all you can eat crab legs for $20

Service was excellent


On one night we went to

the Charlie Horse. The parking lot was full

so we figured it must be good- W R O N G !!!!

I think it was a horse name Charlie that they cooked.

The hostess was surly, the waitress was

ummm ahhh never mind. Lets just sum it up this

way we saw her when she finally took our order

and then when she delivered the bill.

Refills- I think not !!


Loved the hotel, the room and the trip.


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