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Monday, February 04, 2008

More from the visit

Tom is home from work--
he was having some pain --
well really a lot of pain--Kidney Stones
He went to the clinic and they sent
him home with a prescription for pain killers.
Now he just waits for the stone(s) to pass.
Happy Birthday Teresa!!!!
29 again and again......
Congrats on your raptor catch.
Cant wait to hear how the program goes .
Now for the latest Jack update..
He re-named all of the dogs while he was here.
Foster is "Ster"
Buddy is "Buud"
But the best one
Smokey is "He"
I guess because I would pet
Smokey and say --
He's a good boy or He's sooo big
So Jack started calling him "HE"
Classic one liners from a 2 years old..
Jack's reply to almost everything is
So Jack was playing on the exercise bike
and Pa asked him can you say anything beside NO??
Jack looked at him and said
and went back to playing
Yes, a smartass in the making
Of course we went to the fire station
because Pa has big trucks there..
Jack was high fiving everybody
but there is something new now
High five
New things -
Jack can open ANY door.
He likes to color, and
he hates to nap. He also sings and
dances to certain tv programs .
Picture to be posted tomorrow ...
Now for the ever present RANT !!!
For the elevendy seventh time I have
tried to get a BUNCO club going ..
Well once again the idea was welcomed
with all of the enthusiasm of a
turd in a hot tub. What is wrong with
people?? Are they sooo afraid
that they might actually do something
fun, that they ban all suggestions
unless it comes from the "church group"??
This is 2008
You do not have to spend every waking
moment in the company of your husband
and kids. Some of us have actually taken the
plunge and vacationed with girls friends,
left the country without our husbands, left our kids
in the care of their other parent. Yes, it is legal!!!
I cannot believe that people are so insecure
that the slightest hint of change and they
run for cover..


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