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Sunday, November 01, 2009


Astronaut Jack !!!
Thanks Nona for my astronaut suit.
I was the ONLY one with this costume !!
I wish they would quit taking pictures
and get started with the
trick or treating !!
Pa says I look like I am flying in this one

Jack & Tigger


I made a good haul.
There was all kinds of good stuff in my pumpkin


Just as I was enjoying my candy, the door bell
rang and there were sooo many kids . Every time
I would get busy, the doorbell would ring AGAIN!
I got to see many cool costumes , but none as
cool as mine !
I got to hand out candy to them. It was so much fun
then we ran out of candy at 8:15pm so Pa & Mom
shut off the outside lights and
unplugged the BIG pumpkin.

It was a good night , me and Mom
and Ma & Pa went all over
the place.. And when I got tired
Pa put me in the basket on the back
of Ma's bicycle and I got to RIDE HOME !!
It would have been more fun if my dad was here


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