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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Make believe swimming pool

My Maa & Pa do not have a swimming pool,
so I have to use the hot tub.

There are these airy jets that pushed me
all the way across to the other side !!


That's not the jets .. It's me JACK

kicking water at my Pa


The naked water fountain
Pa, getting even with Jack
These are multi use foam hoses..
They make great swords and they also make great
squirt guns !!

Tom hit me with one of these and Jack jumped in front of
me and told Tom.
"You don't hit my Grandma"
and he had mean face and mean voice
when he said it .
Usually , he just calls me Maa,
but that is his version of an adult using a kids full name
when they are introuble .

<> <> <> <> <>

More water fights !!


This is a good place to hide
They won't know those are MY feet sticking up ...
* * * * * *


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