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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jack's new adventure

Yes, I know the pictures are out of order.
- - - - - - - - - - -
It is hot, I am fried so just deal with it .
Okay , I need to find a new blog site -
this one is really getting on my nerves..
It keeps locking up.
I guess I can start searching for a new one this
afternoon while I am hiding from the hot weather
* * * * * * *
Jack in Colorado
May 2010
* * * * *
Jack at his 1st day of TKD classes
* * * * *

Jack & Pa at Brians farm

Jack did great.
He is very athletic and has
endless energy.
I think this will be good for him to
learn some control

Jack got his uniform yesterday , Serena said he

was so proudwhen the instructor tied his ( white- for beginners)belt on

him for the first time.
He was so excited that he wore his uniform to the airport

to pick up Daddy. Poor kid had to be dying with it being over 100 degrees


More later, I am on a mission today,
I need to go to the bank, then off to the pet store to find something
to spray to keep the dogs off of the grass.
Lately all 3 of them have decided it is okay
to take a dump on the grass.
* * *
After that, I need to find some glass paint ..
I think Plaid brand makes some .
I put lace curtains up in the bathroom and it is like
being in a gold fish bowl, so I
want to paint the windows so they will have that etched look


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