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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tell me why the fuck I even crawled out of bed this morning?!?!?
Where to begin..
1st - Got up very early
just to get myself primed for my yearly smash-o-gram.
Had coffee , showered , got dressed. OF course no
deodorant or hairspray.
Nice -- 90 degree heat and 95% humidity.
* * *
(Keep in mind , I have had a shit week due
to bad weather and my body aching)
* * * * * * * * *
Drove to Bernice's house to deliver her tomatoes.
They are sooooo good
* * * *
Stopped at Michaels , to get a
magic wand . Jack likes magic this week.
Soooo I get my stuff walk out to my truck
No freaking keys - Back into the store
The cashier is standing there waving them at me
Now off to the smash-o-gram
OF course if you don't get to the surgical center by 7:00AM
(My appointment was for 11:30)
you are not going to get a parking spot even remotely close
to the building. So by the time I get to the building I am
sweating like a thief in church.
1 hour later , I am leaving and hiking back to my truck,
after being pushed , pulled and smashed.
* * * *
So I think I'll stop at Wally World and get the other items
needed to make That Dip.
* * * * * *
Get an electric shopping cart and off I go like
a stampeding turtle.
Get my food products and a new pair of capris
( in a SMALLER size), then
it is time to head to the deli. I place my order and the cart
starts beeping .. it is D E A D !!!
I tell the deli girl I'll be back and head to the front door
to get ANOTHER cart. I get back to the deli and the cart is screaming
like a hooker that didn't get paid .
Everybody is giving me dirty looks while I unload my stuff from the
beeping cart to the running cart.
People are still giving me "the look". I inform them, it is a
typical Wal-Mart product . I get my things loaded - tell them all
WELCOME TO WAL- MART and proceed to the check out lane.
* * * * *
I learned a long time ago, NEVER get in the shortest line .. That
means one of two things , the checker is really slow or
there is a problem.
to be continued later tonight
Saturday Morning
and the continuing bad day story
In the line ,one woman that is almost checked out , a man with a few
food items and about 30 cans of cat food , then me .
Okay , waiting waiting waiting
First woman- her check was rejected .. She must be a real
paperhanger. That takes 5 or 6 min - to get that straightened out .
She let without her "treasures".
The man has his stuff unloaded and on the conveyor,
and surprise surprise ,
a woman get in line behind me with 2 kids in the cart
and one of them is wailing like a banshee "I WANT IT"
OMG-- How much more can I take today ????
The guy in front of me swipes his debit card -- NOTHING
Swipes again and the cashier is staring at a wall.
No offer to help this man or offer to run his card
thru the register scanner. If she had a brain she was thinking
"I ams the cashier - I ams not the customer servise"
Yes, I know that rings of profiling --
* * * * * *
Finally it is my turn
Do you know you cannot see a clock from the check out lines??
So "precious" is scanning my stuff and I watch the
read out on my side because Wal-Mart has a bad
habit of shelf saying one thing , price ringing up as
something else.
BINGO!! A $5 T-shirt rang up as $9
WHOA-- take that off- I am not paying that price.
She informs me
"Ya'll gonna haves to go to customer service".
NO-- you can just scan it and take it off of the total.
"No I kent, I done totaled ya'lls order.."
Sooo the rest of the stuff in my order is free??
Whut udder stuff??
I point to about 12 items still on the belt and the
order divider that is BEHIND the balance of my "owdder"
Well I can ring that up separate and then ya'll can go to
customer service to get a refund on the t shirt.
(all this time that kid is screaming like Damien)
* * * *
At that point I lost it.
Get you manager here-- NOW !!!
"Ain't no need for that "
Oh yes there is - because I am about to totally lose it
and it is "a fixing to get ugly"
(That way she could understand I was serious)
* * * * *
She send another slow moving employee to "fetch " a CSM
The CSM shows up and I explain to her what is going on --
so she does her stuff with the keys and the register
and tells the cashier to finish the order.
I am not going to go thru this again
- you better find somebody else to finish this order.
Finally , I am checked out and on my way home
or so I thought .
* * * * *
Time to get more coffee and do a few things around here,
I'll finish this later


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