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Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina Donations

I have a few things to say about donations for refugees of Hurricane Katrina
Let me change this-- Donations in GENERAL
Yesterday I spent the better part of the day sorting and sizing clothing that has been donated to the victims. There were a lot of volunteers sitting , standing , and sorting.. My friend and her 2 teenage sons were there and the boys worked as hard as anybody . They chose to do this project. They were not forced into it .
Thanks to Nick & Daniel -
Who learned several clothing lessons- regarding sizes-condition and were so very helpful when it came time to carry sorted clothing from our work table to the distribution tables.
GREAT JOB GUYS !!!! Thank You
and to all of the other wonderful people that gave up their holiday weekend to help others with nothing and no place to go..
Now the BI-O-TCHING starts.
WHY would people donate ripped shirts , torn jeans-- I am not talking small knee rips that can be easily patched. Two of the most disgusting things I saw yesterday - stained underwear-- yes they were clean- but badly stained..and a bag full of clothing that had so much cat hair in it that it looked likea family of cats had lived in the bag for several months.
Use some common sense people !!!!
If you do not want to wear the stained underwear what makes you think somebody else would ..
Throw that crap away !
Don't bring ripped torn or broken items-- yes you-- the one thatbrought the broken lamp and the sweater with more pills than a Bayer aspirin factory..
These people have been devastated and they are looking for a little diginity right now. They will not find it wearing a green, purple & gold parachute nylon jumpsuit from 1978 or how about those butt ugly plaid polyester pants for
men. Now there is a look you want when you are job hunting so you can try to rebuild your life .
A special thanks to the citizens of North Little Rock,AR and the surrounding communities that have come together to help others in need.
Once again-- this is for the victims of Katrina
If you know somebody in need of food or clothing please
contact me thru this blog.


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Blogger Anita said...

LOL Linda.. I cheered when I read this entry!!!! Less than 4 days after Katrina hit... while we were still slogging around in the clothes we had on our back the day of the storm.. covered in mud and smelling of fish... We passed a pile of donated clothes that included mismatched shoes with no shoelaces - t-shirts covered in mud stains (uh no thanks.. I have a bunch of those at home right now) and gold sequined stretch halter tops with matching high heeled shoes. :) Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between the piles of donations and the piles of ruined stuff. One local church had to actually put a sign out on the pile that read: "Not debris - donations - do not remove" so that the debris trucks wouldn't pick the stuff up... That is .. pick it up right away... Eventually, I'm sure that's exactly what happened to it all.

Hugs to you and thanks so much to you and all of you there in North Little Rock for helping us all out. :)

5/19/2006 5:34 PM  

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