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Monday, November 21, 2005

Things are going pretty well.
Foster & Smokey are still not thrilled about another "baby" in the house.
The weather is cool- so they are staying outsideand right now are going thru the ignoring each other phase.
They will get over it.
With the weather being cool- I stay in more. It makes my body ache. SURPRISE !! Next week I will try water
walking again- and hope for fewer people in the pool.It was to crowded to walk the last time. What a pain..I can do baby steps at home-- I need to learn to stride again,and that won't happen in a pool that is overcrowded.
It is almost Turkey day, Toms family is in from Illinois.
They stay at the farm and they will all do dinner out there.
I DON'T HAVE TO COOK or clean up after dinner this year.
Kenda invited us to have dinner with her family at her
house. I am sure the guys will have to have an XBOX
hour or two- but that is okay.
I have been scanning pictures of our 1990 trip
to Hawaii with Mom. Lots of memories ........
I am glad she finally got to see Hawaii-
It is rough without her - but the holidays are
really rough. I am going to end this before I have
myself in tears again.


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