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Monday, June 26, 2006


It has been a while since my last post
Not much going on -- just hot and humid here
Serena's camera is acting up so I have no new pictures of Jack..
I am going thru withdrawal !!!
I want to go visit but - flights are always full and gas prices
are INSANE !!!
As usual summer is here and I am hiding in the house.
This weather SUCKS ! I never thought I would say these words.
I don't know how Tom is able to work outside in this heat.
I wish the city had a better central station for him to work at,
one that has a few modern features.. A/C - being the main one.
Some nice lifts , so he would not have to go in the pit to work
on the fire trucks.. Ahh dreams..
Maybe we will win the lottery (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
and he can pack it up and retire . Wouldn't that be nice.
But 1st Arkansas would have to legalize a lottery here--
but they won't becausethey are afraid it will be less money
for the churches..
I don't think I have even been in a state that has as many churches as AR.
Look at any pole barn or store front and you can bet that it has
been or will be a church. The odd thing is some of the churches are H U G E
and have monster parking lots.. Then you find out the "preacher" has put all of this in his name .
If they spent as much on school as they do on churches , this would
be a good place to raise kids. Right now the
schools are rated so low , that
never mind -- I don't need to get myself started again...


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