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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Night

It was a lazy day for me
I actually slept most of the night last night.. What a relief.
We went to Red Lobster for dinner tonight-- I was due
for a seafood fix. Only problem- the damn place was so
cold you needed long underware and mittens.. Jeez!!
I asked the waitress what time the penguin show would start.
That finally got us about 3 min of somewhat
warmer temps. It will be fall before we go back to that place
and we will take winter clothing.
Okay, I'll admit it
I have a new addiction
LESPORTSAC purses, tote bags,
cosmetic bags and weekenders.
So anybody that has them just sitting in the
closet or basement-- Box them up and send them to me
I can pay for them , but keep the price low and
remember that I am not to proud to accept
Okay- on to other things....
What do you think of a "friend" that all of the sudden
does not aswer your calls or emails ??
We are talking LOCAL calls
Pretty damn cold huh.
You know who you are ...
'nuff said


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