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Friday, August 04, 2006

Benefits, Burn Bans, Critters and more

Just a little something to help you have cool thoughts..
This was March 1992
Ft. Collins, CO

August is here and it arrived hot and angry,
Burn bans every where you look, lawns are getting
crunchy and the worst part is the critters got in our
garden and ate every cantaloupe and tomato!!!
Tom managed to get a few bell peppers before whatever
got to them. I am sooo pissed, We have had 2 melons
and they were so sweet , I was waiting (and drooling) for
more. So much for moving into town.
Serena & John offically have a "SOLD" sign
on their house. So in just a few days , I will have
my babies back home.. YEA !!!!
I am going to take a beading class this afternoon, just
for something to do to occupy my time,
especially after they leave. I will really be lost.
Tom screwed up his knee at work yesterday.
He went to the clinic- they sent him for ex-rays,
and gave him a shot and some pills. He is
trying not to gimp walk, but he can try all he wants
I know how bad knees feel and I know the walk.
Of course he is at work today. No sitting it out .*$&!%$%#&
Never Mind-- Let's not "gimp" down that road..
Of course the dogs are still shedding -- clumping whatever
you want to call it. If I would have saved all of this hair I
could have built a winter shelter in the back yard.
So between the dog hair making me crazy and
our so called "benefits package" for
medical insurance- I was on a roll yesterday.
You call the numer -- excuse me --
"THE HELP LINE" - Which is a real joke.
Glad I was not bleeding or didn't have my foot
nailed to the floor. All you get is the )#&!%^$
voice mail. Then you listen to many many prompts,
and yes you can get them in English or
You finally leave a message and then you wait.
I have been waiting for 3 days to hear back about my diabetes
testing supplies. My meter broke- so I am not testing.
I am guessing.
Also had question regarding prescriptions I will be
taking the rest of my life, so to me that means they
are maintentace drugs.. Uh UH - Not to the "Benefits
Company". So that means I have to run to the
pharmacy every month to get 30 pills and pay the outrageous
co-pay of $30. I have a friend that takes the same meds,
Her co-pay is $15 for a 90 day supply.
SO tell me -- who is getting the "BENEFITS"???


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