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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Serena & John & Jack

It's official.. We get to have them here for Christmas..
that is because,
They have bought a house,
well actually, they are having one built.
It is a 2 story and it is beautiful.. well at least the
pictures are , and I am sure that after she puts
her finishing touches
to it , it will be FANTASTIC.
The house will be in a gated community ,
The Legends Ranch
As things progress, I will keep
you updated and hopefully
I will have pictures to share .
Now for other stuff:
We went to Dallas for the Fire Chiefs Convention,
also visitied the Sixth Floor Museum.
That is the JFK museum.
This has been a crappy money week, we had to pay
taxes on the farm and then last night my recliner
broke.. Sooooo now he is willing to buy
new recliners since my is gone. Oh well
that actually is good news...
I am outta here- must go shopping for a birthday
gift for Tom..


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