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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Full House !!!

Tom flew to Florida to drive Serena's truck home. As you can see he had quite a load. Yes, that is a bottle of Kahlua and a bottle of olive oil sitting on the back of the truck..Don't ask....He made the trip safely and John drove the moving truck to the Houston area- and put everything in storage. So now we have Serena & Jack & John here with us, and we are enjoying every min. of it !! Tom spends a lot of time of the floor teaching Jack the dynamics of crawling and when I have Jack we work on sound effects.. He is catching on to both.

Now for the pictures from today.
This is Jack's first attempt at solid food.
eeeewwww- what's all the big deal about solid food!!
eeewww-- it is like , like ... eeeewwwwww

I'll show them, I'll just wear this food(?)
for dentures..
Click on pictures to enlarge them to full screen........


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