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Monday, July 30, 2007

Last weekend and then this weeks bitch

Saturday morning we loaded up my bike and went down
to the river walk ..
Tom walked and I rode about 3 miles.
Only needed help a couple of times..
Uphill puts a lot of pressure on my knees and
sometimes ya just need a little shove to get going again..
We will do it again this weekend..


Went to he clinic today to have blood work done
and as usual--
the "nurse" had to hear the speech-
"you better be good-- you get one chance..
Get an infant needle and really pop that vein up
before you stick it .. I am very hard to find a
good vein in to begin with and I don't need any
drama over this .. etc etc etc .."
she fumbles around --finally decides that the vein in
the top of my left hand (That I told her to use from the start)
looked like the best one -- DUH ?!?!?!
So she sticks me - but she is not getting any blood...
now the has her thumb on the needle and
it is hurting so I told her that we
were thru - remove the damn thing NOW !!!!
I think I would have had less pain if she had
used a harpoon.
She is useless when it comes to drawing blood..
This is my second and final run in with her..
I stopped at the desk and told them that this was
it until they got a real phlebotomist in the office.


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