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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Recorded books and other things

We just got home from Texas and we are feeling sad .
It is hard to leave Jack, he has grown soo
much and has new words, but more
about that later.
This is a warning to those of you that get recorded
books for your road trips.
We (I) picked up "To The Nines"
by Janet Evanovich-
performed (?) by C.J. Critt
Let me tell you, this CJ Critt is almost
enough to make me forget about recorded books.
She has an annoying voice, think nails on a
blackboard or styrofoam rubbing against the
interior of your car.
Her use of "dialect" is a joke.
She made the grandmother sound like Gilbert Gottfreid.
and made the main character sound like a cross
between a valley girl and warped Penny Marshall cd.
And the old Italian lady sounded like a nasaly impaired road
company gypsy. I grew up in an Italian neighbornhood
and have NEVER heard that accent - E V E R !!!
Jeez, I will write this name down and NEVER
get another recorded book if her name is on it .
IS it just me or are any of you noticing
the quality of semi drivers on the road?
Now since they cannot run 90 mph due to
black boxes in the trucks they find other
things to do instead of focusing on the road..
You see them with cell phones, radios,
tv's and we have all heard (and seen proof)
of the piss bottles that they use while driving.
I think if they are caught with the piss bottle they
should lose their CDL's. How much time would they lose
by stopping to pee like a normal human???
Seeing those containers of piss in the rest areas is
I am so sick of seeing these "professionals" weaving
all over the roads while trying to multi-task.
Drive like your life
on it ..


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