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Sunday, February 17, 2008

February SUCKS

It has been a crappy month so far..
I have a spot on my left shoulder blade about the size of
a tennis ball that
DOES NOT hurt..
(2/18/2008 -There seems to be some misunderdstanding
I do not have a lump om my shoulder-
Don't I look weird
enough withoutyou picturing me doing
Quasimodo impersonation???
It just meant that I
have only a small part of my large
body that was NOT in
pain at that moment)
The rest of my body feels like I have been hung over
a slow fire , had grape jam rubbed in my hair
and was beaten with a shovel.
Ahhh yes , the rainy season !!
rain and cold are killing me
Had the shots in my knee on Thursday and with the
crappy weather I don't feel any difference in the knee.
Golden Years my ass.
Everything is hurting , sagging or swelling
Plus now our subdivision has become the
target of burgulars.
Three break-ins in one week.
Now doesn't that make you feel secure??
The way I am feeling they better stay away from me
because they won't have to worry about the dogs,
I'LL BITE THEM if they break in here.
Oh God ,I need some sunshine
These dull gray days are killing me !!!
I am so down, I don't even feel like
reading . Even if I did , my face is holding
fluid on the right side so my glasses add to the pressure
if I have them on more than 10 min.
Isn't life FUN ?!?!?!?!?!
I am sick of being in the house ,and I am sick of the
fuc*$ng high gas prices that make going anywhere
a financial burden.


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