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Friday, May 02, 2008


Yet another addition to my fucking handitard wardrobe That's right -- another cast
I am sooo sick of being in pain ,
I just wish it would end .
I have not had a good day for so long that
I don't remember what it feels like to
be pain free or to be happy.
I guess because I feel bad ,that
is why I was given such a shitty hair cut .
She probable figured it didn't matter what
my hair looks like since the rest of me is a fucking wreck.
Just Mother Earths way of telling me to
get the hell off of her space isn't it ??
I am sick of being stuck in the house ,
my only conversations anymore consists of me say
move . Move , MOVE
to the dogs.
I can't get out of the house , can't do anything while I
am stuck here ..
Hell just like living in
greenbrier isn't it .....
Nothing to do , nobody to talk to
Isn't this FUN


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