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Thursday, April 17, 2008

C R A P ! ! ! ! !

Just what I wanted ..
Finally went to the foot doctor today..
After a month of hobbling around.
Stress fractures in right foot..
Cast for 2 week.
Once identified the stress fracture usually responds
readily to treatment. Treatment usually includes some t
ype of immobilization commonly with what we refer to
as a soft cast. This may be accompanied by a special shoe to fit
over the soft cast to help immobilize the foot. This must be
done in conjunction with a decreased activity level.
This is usually left in place for about two weeks and \
then a smaller bandage can be applied. After this initial
three week period of immobilization ( soft cast wrapping) and
surgical shoe,activity must be kept to a
minimum for a total of six weeks to allow
the area to heal. The above is a general description
of the treatment..
This S U C K S !!!


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