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Sunday, April 27, 2008

What the hell was that ????

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
Another item for my
"1st time list"
We all have a first time list..
You know..
1st time kissed
1st time you saw the ocean
1st time you fell in love
1st time you made love
1st time you were in an earthquake
That's right- I go to Reno to visit friends and
enjoy a little r & r. But now R&R means
rattle & rock
A 5.0 earthquake hit at 11:40 pm Friday night
We were sitting in the living room and we
heard a loud noise --
Reminded me of the sound of a big truck that
is not running right
then the house started to shake
What the hell is that !!!
It is sort of like a bad hydraulic
ride at Universal Studios. The furniture
shakes, and at the same time it is throwing
you inner ear balance into turmoil.
The feeling "after" the quake reminds
me of the jello knee walk you do
after being onboard a ship for 3 straight days.
So that is the new addition to my lists of "FIRSTS"
I'll tell you about the rest of my trip later ..
I am glad to be home !!
I missed my Tom and my fur babies and
my own bed.


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