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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Friendship ??

So what do you think of a woman that blows
off a friendship , not once
Yes ,we all know who I am talking about and
I will be sending her a copy of this as well.
Okay , I screwed up and accepted her apology
for her acting like a shithead. I even
went to her house for a visit . Has she ever
returned the visit or the phone call.
Has she ever accepted and invitation
that does not fit her coloring book addiction.
My Mistake!!
Won't Happen AGAIN..
I guess because I don't want to sit and clip
and color pretty papers, that leaves me out of
her "inner circle". Well trust me
your inner circle will disappear as soon as you
start treating them like you have treated me .
And while I am at it , It is really a shame that you
have also blown off another woman that befriended
you when you worked for the fire department..
Someday you will need some company,
and I hope you get the same treatment that you
are handing out . I don't want to hear , depressed,
in pain, to busy , to sunny , to fucking anything.
Honey, I have rowed that boat and still
had times for friends and new adventures.
You have never learned those social graces
and I don't think you ever will. If it isn't
EXACTLY what you want to do, it isn't worth doing
Get real-- you are obviously believing your
own princess dreams..
It is a shame that you do not have any
life long friends, but I don't think you are
capable of that type of relationship.
Your Loss....
a permanent loss


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