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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

May 2008

Maa & Pa came to Texas for my mom's birthday
You got it --
they sang the "Cake song"
* * * * *

After they had been there a while , Pa went out side
and came back with


THIS !!!!!!

That's right !! My very own personal

Pa's Truck !!!

Did you notice??
I am wearing my "Pa Shirt "
Pa had to teach me all about the truck and he should know
because Maa said he put it together

* * * * *

Now I am teaching others about

my "Pa Truck !!"

My truck has lights and a siren

It is very very loud ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
You are NOT going to believe this

It Shoots water --

Just like a real Pa's Truck < < < < < > > > > > >

You better get out of my way

or you WILL get wet !!!

We have more pictures and they will be posted later tonight

or maybe tomorrow


Serena had a very nice birthday, good dinner ,

friends over to share laughs and beers .

As usual it was hard to leave , but we had to get back home.

Happy Birthday Serena Bear


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