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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sooo I went to the doctor (again)

Another 2 weeks in this cam walker (cast)
but at least no surgery . I am about to lose
my mind with this thing on. I am very
limited on clothing I can wear with this stupid thing ..

And if I don't wear the correct kind of shoe on my
left foot, I walk like a duck stuck on a side
of a hill.

The good news is , the doctor told me to bring a
right shoe when I go back for my next visit
on May 27th.
My first online Tupperware party is not going
as well as I had hoped..
I don't have any new pictures of Jack
so I am reposting on from last October.


Blogger Woodland Fairy said...

That's good about no surgery. I am sure it's a huge PITA with the cast, but hopefully it won't be on much longer. Hang in there.

5/14/2008 11:44 AM  

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