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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another sleepless Night

Here we go again

I have had 2 pain killers and am still wide awake at 5am.

No I did not take a nap yesterday


I hate when I get like this ...

It is going to be a very long weekend ..

* * *

Since I am wide awake , I will post some pictures
While Serena was working yesterday
John & Jack
* * * *

My Dad brought me to the river today

We were throwing rock, and I can throw

really really far

and I can make a splash with the rocks


Dad showed me algae.

It is slimy

I like doing guy stuff with my Dad


Tonight when Maa& Pa called, we had a good conversation

and when Maa asked if Mom was home , I told her No

Mom is in at San Diego

(He did this with no prompting from Dad)

John later told me that they had been looking at maps today

and he showed Jack where Serena was on her trip.

Pretty impressive that several hours later he remembered



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