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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now What ???

I feel like my days and nights are switched ...
I am usually awake by 8 or 8:30am,
but lately , I cannot fall asleep before 2AM
Today I went shopping , hit 4 stores plus did some
laundry, played dogs out , dogs in as always .
Then when Tom got home , we went shopping
AGAIN. This time trying to find tiles for kitchen backsplash.
So that was another 2 stores , then we went to Irianan's
in Little Rock for pizza.
Here I am at 12:30 and I am wide awake,
not a yawn to be heard.. I have tried reading-
no help- took a sleeping pill, it must have got lost
because I am NOT sleepy. I have played online
canasta for the last hour because I don't want to make
any noise and wake Tom. Now what am I going to do??
Supposed to be frigid tonight .. Something like
12 degrees.. Jeez this is Arkansas not Illinois.
* * * *
The good thing is , Smokey is loving it .
This is his kind of weather , so he is a very happy
fur baby right now .. I just looked out in the back yard
and he is laying on his back feet up in the air and he is
tooo funny !!!!
* * * *
Oh well enough rambling
I guess I'll start another book. I am going to
have to go to the library tomorrow . I am out of
books to read again.


Blogger Fairy said...

Are you on a new medication that can cause ansomnia?

1/15/2009 7:42 AM  

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