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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just killing time

It's raining my body is aching and I am waiting for
the meds to kick in.
* *
Let me tell you-- getting old is not for sissies.
You better have a tolerance for pain and
hope you never get arthritis
* *
Looks like Serena & Jack will not make it here for the weekend .
Spring break loads up the flights and makes it
impossible for them to get into Little Rock.
* * *
The good news is , they will be here for Easter .
* *
My dear friend Bec had surgery today.
I received an update and she is resting ,
I'm not saying comfortably, but she is resting.
So I need for all of you to say a prayer, howl at the
moon or run naked in the rain for her to have
a speedy recovery.
Wish I could be there to comfort her , but that
will not happen . She is in Colorado.
If I was closer , I would be there to hold her hand ,
be a shoulder for her to cry on and to laugh at her
when she gets goofy from the meds.
* * * * *
Love ya BEC
Feel Better Soon !!!!
* * * * *


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