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Friday, February 27, 2009

Home again

I got home from Texas on Wednesday, and have spent
most of my time trying to learn all of the new stuff
on our new computer.
* * *
This thing is F A S T !!!!
* * *
No more waiting forever for things to load.
Now I need to learn the new photo programs.
Once I master that, I can post photos
from my last visit.
In the mean time let me tell you about a few things
that we have learned this week.
We all know that Jack is a picky ,picky eater .
But we have now discovered that he must be part
goat, because yesterday he ate a
foam earplug.
He was playing with the ear plugs and a
little later Serena asked him where the other plug was.
Jack replied
He won't eat fruit or vegetables - but he will eat FOAM
* * * *
Have no fear ... it passed with
flying colors ..
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


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