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Location: Arkansas, United States

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nothing can be as exciting as Arkansas in Spring ..
The yard sale signs are in full bloom and the grass is

getting greener so it makes it easier to spot
the BEAUTY of Arkansas the Natural State ..

* * * *

You are missing the beer boxes blowing , the Arkansas State
Kites flying ( wal-mart bags), and the rest of the crap rolling

around in the wind ..

* * * *

Did I ever tell you that wind sets me off
as much as rain ??
Well it fu**ing does .

* * * * *

AR has spent a bazillions $$$ on "no littering" signs that
tell you what the penalty will be for littering ..
To bad they have NEVER enforced the littering laws even ONCE !!!!

BTW -- the beer boxes are from the good Bible Bangers that don't
want their neighbors or garbage men to know they drink --
so they throw the boxes , cans and bottles out along the side of the road..

* * * * * *
I think my next road trip will involve a complete set of
road side trash and other eyesores of America photos.
* * * *
Hmm,, wonder if I could publish a calendar
of the eyesores( front yard, houses with washers and
stained mattresses on the front porch type
of photos without being sued??
Any lawyers out there that can answer this one ???


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