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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Okay, so I have not added any new pictures lately ..

Relax, Serena & Jack will be here today and I will be

posting pictures SOON !!!

* * ^ * *

Here is a picture of Marc taken in 1992

^ * * ^ * * ^

My legs and feet are still very swollen.

This crappy weather better leave SOON !

I am not happy and in pain 24 /7 AGAIN

When does this crap end ??


Another break in here in the sub division.

Sounds like kids again.

Don't the parents wonder where these kids get the stuff

they are bringing home ? Or where they are getting the

"extra" money.


I can tell warm weather is moving in

fast. Smokey is being a major pain in the

ass. (From now on he will be called PITA).

Yesterday I needed to run some errands, and since

the dogs have an air conditioned condo I wanted them

outside while I ws gone . Foster and Buddy went

willingly.. PITA is another story.

Got 3 peanut butter cookies, headed for the back door , saying


that usually works ..


As I said Foster & Buddy were out the door and Smokey

is laying on the dining room floor - groaning .


I get the string ( leash) and wrap it around his neck- he is

still not moving. So I hook the leash onto the clip on the

collar and he refuses to get up.

DAMN-- I start to pull him ,

and this is rougher on me than it is on him..

He shakes his head, wolf howls and slips the collar.


Put the collar back on , try to pull him AGAIN.. He slips the

collar , gets up and heads for the puppy room.


S-O-B- I'm gonna kil him.

Go to put the collar back on him and he starts

snarling and howling .

BULL SHIT !! I'll kill YOU if you even

think about biting me !!


I grab him by the collar and start to walk and he

sits down! WTF -- This time I lean over, get face to

face with him and tell him

You can get the hell out or you can get a new home


He gets up and starts a s l o w walk

to the dining room, where he sits down again.

Can you hear me screaming ?!?!?!?!

The scream must have gotten thru to him, he get up

and goes to the living room.

Okay another 18 feet and he will be at the back door .

OH NO !!


Here we go with the leash again. This time I finally get him

out the back door and SLAM IT !!!

Tell me again why we have 3 dogs ??

* * * * *

Where is my dog and what is this beast that replaced him ??


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