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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What we did Friday

We went to Idabel, Oklahoma.
But wait , there is more
* * * *
We went there to get an auger for the
tractor . Tom needs to put up gates and
fences since we are losing our renter at Wooster.
Whoever moves in next , rents the HOUSE only.

* * * *
I don't think we will ever be fortunate enough to
find a new renter that will care for the place
the way the the Altis' did.
Our loss
* * * * *

Oh wait , I am drifting
So we drove to Idabel , loaded up the new auger and headed back..
During the ride down, I saw something that most of
you will never have the chance to see.

* * * * * *
Tom called it an artificial tree, I think it is
rural folk art


You be the judge...

Let me detail this for you. It is a 6foot tall 2x4
mounted on a front porch

The white things are gallon milk jugs, that are tied to the post


Sooo, is it an artificial tree or folk art ???


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