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Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Busy Day

Here I am with my Pa at our farm.
This is my first "BIG TRACTOR" driving lesson
* * * *
You guessed it , I have learned to steer,
lower and raise the bucket
and next I'm going to learn to dig post hole.******************
Now we are on our way to another part of our farm
to smooth out a rough spot in the driveway
Hey, I'm pretty darm good at this farming stuff !!

See what I mean -- I am steering !!

I guess Pa was right - a farmers work
its never completely done .

Today has been a great day, I got to drive tractor , I got to see a
bunny and a big white duck and a horse.
Farms are really FUN PLACES !!
Next time we go to the farm, me and Pa
are going to plant pecans and have them
turn into trees !! Can you believe that.
Nuts you eat - turn into TREES !!!



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