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Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm soooo excited

Hey , It's me

* * *
Today is one of the best days EVER !!!

* * * *

First I helped Pa put together a BIG
tv cabinet that my Maa bought. Tucker
and Cole helped Pa carry it in.

* * *

Then I gave the puppys their
morning cookies and then Pa
said we were going to go someplace

* * *

So everybody got dressed and that includes
some sweatshirts because it is only 62 degrees
here.. Mom keeps saying "ENJOY IT "
I don't understand ?!?!?!

Anyway , back to my special

First we got in Maa's truck and we went
to McDonalds !! I love that place.
But we did not go in.
We ate in the truck !!

Oh my goodness!!

Then we drove some more and we went all the
way to Little Rock. We pulled up behind this big building
and there was a train , just rolling right past us.. OMG !!
I was sooo excited !!

Can you believe how close we are to those trains ???

Then about 10 min later we heard another train coming and

we jumped out of the truck and ran up to the fence place

and here come a HUMONGOUS engine .. .


The engineer waved and me and he blew the whistle too !!

This really is the best day even if it is raining AGAIN

And then - can you believe it

A third train ..

* * * *

All of these trains in one day !!

The third train blew the whistle 3 times ..

How did he know I am "THREE"? ? ?

* * * *

We stopped at the store on the way home and

I waitied in the truck with Maa-Pa while Mom

when in the store .It was still raining .

Then my cup of Maa juice ( sprite) spilled in

the back seat.

Maa & Pa said we could clean it when we got home .

Maa-Pa said "accidents happen"

I was sad.. But I am better now.

More later

Love , Jack


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