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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday July 15th (I think)

What a fucked up morning already
Went out , moved all of the hoses , picked up sticks and other
assorted crap from the back yard so I can mow
before it gets to hot.

* * *
Got on the lawn mower-- click, click click...
He JUST put a new battery in it YESTERDAY !!!
I think he did not turn the key all the way to the
off position when he got done testing it last night .


So I figure I am already sweating like a whore in church,
I might as well re-fill the humming bird feeders.
Back in the house , make the simple syrup,
re fill the feeder and head out to the Devils steam bath
of a back yard once again.
Take the empty feeder off of the pole and of course it
is not completely empty, so it runs down
my legs and into my shoes.
Went to hang up the newly filled feeder
and dropped it. (#&%%*$&%)


Now I have to go get a bucket and dip water out of the
pool (thatreally needs to be cleaned) carry it back to
the pole and try to disperse the
simple syrup that ran all over the pole ,
down my legs into my shoes again.
I don't need anymore freaking ants this years
As I type I feel like I have careepy carawlies
( That is southern speak )
climbing my legs .. But maybe I just need to shave my
legs, but that is another story.

* * * * *

Okay , now I have 2 sticky , dripping hummingbird feeders
that have been given a quick dunk in the water bucket,
I finish pouring the
water on the patio, once again to TRY to keep the ants away.

Damn I hate living here.

I manage to get the back door open , with my somewhat unsticky hand
and you guessed it .. I stepped into the house and dropped both of the
sticky feeders on the floor.*$&%#($)%.
Now not thinking I put my hand on Tom's chair to
step over the "sticky"

-- DUH--

Now I need to wipe the sticky off of his chair ( very minimal)

* * *

Serena dry wipes the floor and then I go over it with wet cloths .

So how has your morning been????


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