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Saturday, August 31, 2013

It has been a long , exhausting summer.
By the time we found a house and then the exhausting
process of moving,  I have not had time to keep up with my blog.
Soooo,here are some random pictures from the summer of 2013
This is what the kitchen DID look like with
white appliances, , white cabinets, white floor and walls ,
but lets not forget the
APPLE border..
(The white appliances are now GONE !!)
Our girly Girl crossed Rainbow Bridge in
 July.  The house seems empty after having her for 14 years.
She is no longer in pain and I am sure that Bear was waiting for her . 

* * * * *
We did get to do some camping in July for a few day,
but this trip was NOT looking very promising !!!
Things improved  once we got to the campground
We did get some afternoon rain showers, but it made for a nice quiet day



Then the rain moved on and we had some beautiful sun filled days .

Serena & John got a boat
and as you can see, Jack is a natural!!!

Risa & Ralph visited Colorado this year and
Risa took and shared these pictures with me .
Thank You Risa!!!

That is it for now
Time to go open more boxes and see what "treasures" I find this weekend


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