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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Surgery Update

This one was quite a bit different.. I woke up with a drain in my left leg..
YUK !! Eewww....
Oh what a lovely sight-- they painted my leg with iodine, then used a RED magic Marker to put my initials on my left thigh with an arrow pointing to my knee.
Kind of scary that the doctor does not know what a knee looks like and needs a map to find it .. Good thing they had given me about a quart of happy juice.
I was not up an around as quickly this time, and the pain was very different.
Tom had to remove the drain the day after the surgery !!
and I am sure it was not fun for him either. But as usual- he was there for me .. I am a very lucky woman !!! It is a good thing that he is gone in the morning before I come crawling out of bed.. Not really crawling-- more like Frankenstein
with 'roids and walking on jagged glass with bare feet. Got the visual???
Now after the gymnastic slide to the toilet seat there is the "Get up Fast" maneuver. Which means grabbing the side of the sink and pulling my self. Now remember-Neither Knee bends like a real human.
Getting dressed is another comedy of errors.. I must lay my underwear on the floor- sit on the edge of the bed -wiggle my feet thru the waist and then thru the leg openings . Whew!! Almost there. Now I can move my legs from side to side in an attempt ot get the underwear to crawl up to knee level where I can reach them. SUCCESS !!! Now repeat that process with my capris or shorts.. Now it is noon!!!
Friday Tom drove me to the Doctors office so I could get my stitches out . I asked the Dr. If they dropped me on the floor , because my ribs hurts and so did my hips.. Smart Ass Dr. replied-- Yes, that is part of the New & Improved Treatment.
But I must say I am very impressed with the fact they he was in the process of rescuing a dog that had been hit by a car in front of the office. He was having the dog transported to a vet for a repair on a broken leg/hip. They were not sure at that time exactly what was wrong with the fur baby and then the dog will live with him.
My rehab is home exercises , playing Dogs out- Dogs in and of course the daily event of self dressing.
More later


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