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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo & other stuff

Happy Birthday Aunt Beryl !!
Happy Anniversary Tucker & Christine !!
EBAY update:
I got my money back from the slowest shipper on
Ebay-- also FINALLY received the zebra.
Now the moral dilemma- do I pay her for the zebra ( again)?
(Remember now- she gave me NEGATIVE feedback-
after she waited 11 days to ship the item- and
failed to insure it )
Let's hear some feedback here.. I know what I am thinking,
but lets see if anybody agrees with me .. Just post your answers
here on the blog.
If it does not rain tomorrow we are going to
go pick strawberries. That means Belgium
waffles for breakfast on Sunday.. I will
pick up some heavy cream and make
whipped cream to go with them.
Y U M ! !
I signed up for a month at the local
pool. If the water stays about the same temp
it has been I can tolerate it.. Any cooler and I
am outta there. It does feel good to be
in the water again. I think I need to
find an acupuncturist again. Maybe another
couple of ear staples and I could have a little less pain.
More later or tomorrow or .......


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